Friday , 18 April 2014
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  • Green Gold – Documentary by John D. Liu

    Green Gold – Documentary by John D. Liu

    I have something for you. Something to make you smile. Green Gold – Documentary by John D. Liu No longer are my actions constrained by ‘results’. I can be strengthened by uncertainty, alive in the present moment, open to new possibilities. International Permaculture Day, SUNDAY 5TH MAY! A 24 hour webcast of events, reports and interviews from the global permaculture community. The programme will include permaculture designers David Holmgren, Eric Toensmeier and Geoff Lawton, and feature bioneers such as John D. Liu, Satish Kumar, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Charles Eisenstein, Rob Hopkins and Vandana Shiva. See our Growl Local Live! programme schedule: Join International Permaculture Day ... Read More »


  • Exploration Beyond Cable T.V.

    Exploration Beyond Cable T.V.

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