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Resource Recovery Methods can Save Money
Landfills in Michigan

Resource Recovery Methods can Save Money

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Michigan Residents,

Renting a dumpster can be expensive no matter what debris removal company you use.

We separate our company from others in three important ways:

  1. Domestic Clean Up Service provides ideas on how you can effect the cost of a dumpster rental.
  2. Domestic Clean Up Service offers discounts to Seniors, Military Personnel,  Repeat Customers.
  3. Domestic Clean Up Service is interested in young peoples education.

Although this article is about providing savings during the need for a dumpster rental, I would encourage your focus to be on Child Guidance to solve West Michigan’s problems with trash and pollutants.

Help young people to learn more about Resource Recovery!

Most parents want a better life for their children and we do many things to assist our children to  achieve their dreams, and ours. The things we do help them to grow is to provide time for our children, to play on the computer, help our children with homework, be an encouragement to our children, and talking to our children every day. These are fundamental responsibilities that we all want to pursue during their younger years, educating children about the world they live in promotes sound environmental protection for generations to come.

A clean world is a very challenging topic because we all contribute to landfills because we  avoid practices that create excessive and unnecessary pollutants or trash. This is a new age of marketing and technology, a new frontier and many times a very complex problem to solve for even the best minds in the business. The things we can do which are in our control is out lined below. I hope that you might take a few more minutes to read further on how each of us can help in the effort to provide our children a more perfect and cleaner world.  They then will have the knowledge and tools to offer their children. So goes the notion and not so ingenious methods to promote a cleaner environment.

Promote a clean and safe planet.

Before renting a dumpster  think about Resource Recovery Methods first. Resource Recovery involves a range of systems, processes and technologies to:

  • Reduce the amount of materials that are sent to a landfill.
  • Capture recyclable items from the waste stream
  • Convert the waste into resources such as compost, energy, or new products created through repairing or dismantling the waste with the goal of selling or donating them either for reuse in industry or directly back to the public.

In order to move toward a more sustainable approach to waste management

We all should strive to follow the 4-Rs
  • Reduce – cutting back on the amount of waste that we produce in the first place, such as  buying in bulk and buying products with less packaging
  • Reuse – using items more than once, such as using glass jars for storage, donating items for others to use and borrowing items when possible (a real savings)
  • Recycle – putting the right materials in your recycling bin, or taking them to a drop-off center
  • Recover – capturing resources from the waste stream and converting them to compost and/or energy

How You Can Be Involved

Participate in the Household Hazardous Waste Program:
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Appointment Request Form


Sign Up for a Presentation and Take a Tour

Have a Resource Recovery Specialist visit your child’s classroom or group event to tell you more about the 4-Rs:

Call: Ann Kaiser a Resource Recovery Specialist at: 336-4371 or 292-3401.

Lets all pitch in and practice teaching our children about Resource Recovery, the 4 R’s. I strongly believe that contacting a Resource Recovery Specialist is the best parental choice to help achieve a brighter world for generations to come.

Food for thought: Don’t determine for your spouse what is valuable or should be loved hence you may find that neither of you have any thing to dispose of or sell.

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Tips Before You Rent a Dumpster

Domestic Clean Up Service requests that you practice and quiz your self about rules and safety when renting a dumpster.

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